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Is surfing Peru on your bucket list? Should it be? Let me tell you a short story.

Since the 1950’s the world’s top surfers have all been visiting Peru.. From Mickey Dora and Phil Edwards, to Hawaiians George Downing and Rabbit Kekai legendary surfers have been quietly travelling to Peru. John Severson, Occy and Laird have been there as well. Wonder why? There are many reasons really but let’s hear some in their own words: Joey Cabell said “The most consistent surf I have ever experienced.” Mark Foo said “The best surf trip of my life”. Laird said “I got a 5 minute ride”

To summarize, Peru has consistent surf 12 months out of the year, with water temperatures that are warmer than Southern California. I should mention that Peruvians eat late dinners and generally are not checking the surf until late in the morning. Are you seeing any opportunities here? Consistent surf, relatively warm water, few people surfing until close to mid day. I was born in Peru and have been returning for my share of waves for the last 50 years. Now if we were to talk Real-Estate, the opportunities are even more promising. Two prime surf towns close to the city, Lima, are just starting to come into their own.

People are starting to realize that they can have a superior quality of life by living in a small town, and that it takes no longer for them to drive to their office in Lima.. This will bring quick appreciation to properties in these small towns where you can still purchase ocean( surf ) front apartments for $200,000.and large ocean front/ocean view homes that could be easily transformed  into profitable surf camps for a little more. Real surf properties, with good waves right out your door.

On this Property/surf tour our plan is to surf in the mornings and visit available properties in the early afternoon so that those wanting a second  session in the ocean  can experience  the beauty of  evening glass..Evenings will include property discussions and/or classic surf movies. Then early to bed and early to rise so that we can enjoy the early morning uncrowded surf. By the way Peru is reputed to have delicious food To summarize we will have consistent surf, great food, and be first in line to look at prime surf front properties in a area that offer safety and optimum quality of life at yesteryear prices.

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Greg Long on Peruvian Beast

I invite you to join me in what will be the first International Surf  Properties Peru Real Estate Tour. Mahalo, Felipe Pomar

Felipe Pomar winning the 1965 World Championships in Peru


Great Waves in Peru – The Movie
Surfing in Peru

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