How to Open a Bank Account in Costa Rica

Banking in Costa Rica for a Foreigner / Ex Pat Foreigners have been generally unable to open bank accounts in Costa Rica unless they could prove legal residency. That meant they had to live in the country legally before being able to open and use an account. But as of 2016, foreigners—including those who are not residents—have been able to open and maintain bank accounts with Banco de Costa...

How to Buy Property in El Salvador

Buyers can be intimidated when they first approach the idea of purchasing a home or land in El Salvador. The process is quite easy for both locals and foreigners alike. In order to purchase a property in El Salvador the government requires only two documents: the first is a photo ID such as a passport and the second being a Salvadorian NIT card (Tax Identification Number). The process to buy property in...

Owner Financing in Costa Rica

One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing a property in Costa Rica can be the opportunity to purchase a property with owner financing. What makes better sense; the seller moves his property and you the buyer get a fantastic deal with less money out of your pocket upfront.

Jaco Modern Surf Paradise

Costa Rica's biggest Surf Town, Jaco Beach is located in Garabito, the youngest county in Costa Rica, it is a black volcanic sand beach with great waves. Jaco is a must visit on a trip down to this area but first of all know your level of surfing! The beach of Jaco is 4 kilometers long and has three mayor surfing spots: – South of Jaco is a very well-knowing area for learning how to surf,...

What To Do in Pavones

WHAT TO DO IN PAVONES BEACHES: PAVONES The shores of Playa Pavones are littered with nooks and small beaches, each separated by a rocky outcropping or a bend in the shoreline. There is little development along the coast, which preserves the natural beauty of the area. All buildings are set inland, giving the coastline a pristine image. Tidal pools, and the creatures that inhabit them, make for interesting...

Building in Mexico

Buying a lot and building your dream home can be exciting!  It affords you the opportunity to build exactly what you want to suit your lifestyle and your exact needs, and typically much more affordable than building in the states. In fact, it may be the only way to get exactly what you want!

Bruce Irons Surf Experience in Nicaragua

BRUCE'S & HIS FRIENDS BRUCE IRONS World Surfing Legend  DJ FLUFFY alias BLOCK Get Your Groove On with World Renowned Cesar "DJ Fluffy" Montano bringing you the Block fiesta. SCABS Tow Ins & Tow Ats with Xtreme Sports Pioneer Mark Scabs Gabriel. The Bruce Irons Surf package is a once in a lifetime experience where you have the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua with not only World...


Tunnel Vision Lost in Nicaragua

A one week experience that will take you on a journey of a lifetime. The art form of surfing is one of the most technically difficult sports in the world, which requires many other skills to really reach your true potential. Strength, Flexibility, Health, Focus and the ability to remain calm in critical ocean situations are just a few of the attributes required to becoming a competent surfer.

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