A tried and true method to obtaining your goals while at the same time reducing risk and overhead. Creating a partnership gives you ownership with other like minded individuals that you may not afford or are skeptical in going it alone.

Perhaps you want to buy that perfect surf vacation house or invest in a project or surf business; you want to partner up to reduce risk and capital outlay or looking for a partner with a certain skill set. Well there are like minded individuals that will share in the costs and make your plans affordable and doable. It is a practical way to enjoy the things important to you by pooling resources. You can only spend so much time at your vacation home or need somebody to run the surf resort half the time, so why not have a partner… or two or three.

You will see we have a variety of surf resort type businesses available as well. We have clients that want to be involved but may want to be an absentee owner and need a working partner, or perhaps a partner that knows construction, marketing, sales or some skill set that will make the project a success.

If you are interested in seeing if there is a partner or partners available for your needs or you can fulfill the needs of other requests, please let us know.


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