Sunzal Surf Break – El Salvador


Sunzal is a classic, long right point break that is about as consistent as any wave you’ll find in the world. This wave magnet breaks in deep water and takes on all swells. Ideal on a southwest, it has a fast, powerful take off with perfect carving walls, and although it’s not a hollow, barreling wave, Sunzal is really perfect for all surfers. Here you can expect to find great learning waves from November through February, and pumping long rides during south swell season. 

How to Get There

Sunzal is one of the most accessible and easy to get to spots in El Salvador. It is located at the K43 on the CA-2 freeway (casa de mar restaurant) west of La Libertad. Just head up the coast about 15 minutes, past some resorts and then you get to a small village – head up the dirt track. If you get to the road marker to K59 you have gone too far.

Beachfront Bar

Bring a couple dollars in your pocket so you can zip into Sunzal Reef’s beachfront bar after your session to rinse off and grab a cold one. You’ll be thanking us right around your first sip on that Pilsener.

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