Beaches of Playa Zancudo

The beaches of Playa Zancudo are wide open and most often empty for long walks and amazing shell and driftwood collecting. The water is perfect for wading and swimming. There are also great waves on the south end of the peninsula.


The gamut of beaches start at the southern border with the wide sandy beaches of Punta Banco then on over to the La Piña are with more rock formations and a few amazing viewing areas for the sunset or views of the Golfo Dulce and the Osa Peninsula. Then you come through several great sand rock beaches and into the Rio Claro, where the world class waves and spectacle of surfers running up the point on the big swells. Then you head north past Sawmills and onto Cocal Amarillo and ending in the bay at Pilon / Salea. If you want to be adventurous and don’t mind the dirt road drive you can go onto the sandy beaches of Langostino and Playa Zancudo.

GETTING HERE: There are different types of beaches from the moment you hit the coastline at Pilon / Salea coming in from Golfito or Comte. You turn left onto Pavones and Punta Banco, or turn left to Langostino and Playa Zancudo. They all have something unique to offer for those that love the beaches.


When headed back from a great day at the beach you can stop by the La Bruschetta La Piña Restaurant on the east side of the coastal road back Pavones. More info

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