Don Rafa Restaurant

Authentic Tico Restaurant

If you are looking for good, tico food then Don Rafa Restaurant is the place to go. Enjoy real Costa Rican dishes in the open air Rancho.

Gallo Pinto

Any discussion of Costa Rican food starts with gallo pinto — the national dish of Costa Rica. Don Rafa offers excellent gallo pinto with a variety of dishes; chicken, beef, fish, vegentarian.


The casado is Costa Rica’s second most famous dish. This lunch/dinner favorite is essentially a mixed platter of beef, chicken or fish with rice, beans, cabbage salad, tortillas and sweet fried plantains.

patacones, fried green plantains


Say hello to the most delicious snack Don Rafa style.

Don Rafa Restaurante @ Playa Zancudo

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