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The El Coquito Restaurant is a great place for a Sunday Brunch or any of their delicious lunch/dinner specials.

Sunday Brunch El Coquito prides itself on a great Sunday Brunch anchored with its signature Eggs Benedict. Let's not forget to mention the Huevos Rancheros... some of the best this side of Mexico. Friday nights are for tacos! Three large tortillas filled with fresh ingrediants. Always ask about the fresh fish of the day. No one does Rabalo better.

Guests to El Coquito will not get bored. There are so many activities to enjoy while waiting for your food. A game of darts, pool or even pickleball is a great way to work up an appitite. The restaurant comes to life when they set up the stage for live music. Patrons can dance the night away.


The History of El Coquito

In 1962, Don Raffa (currently the owner of the restaurant across the street) had a vision to create a business on the pristine beach of Playa Zancudo despite the lack of electricity and good roads (like now!). It was a wild jungle where animals of all kinds, including wild tigers, roamed the beach right where you are sitting now. 

He brought beer by boat from Golfito and workers from the banana plantations came on horseback and by boat to drink at El Coquito, where the party didn't end until the generator ran out of gas. If he takes a deep breath right now, he can go back in time and feel the energy of his rakish past, including naked women dancing on the rafters. 

Then, in 2005, a man came to Zancudo looking for a change in his life. A little lost, but with an open heart, he transformed El Coquito into a place for couples. It turned into a non-stop party 24 hours a day, and then a place where local sunbathers would enjoy coming to eat. El Coquito has thrived ever since, seeing many changes over the years, such as the addition of a family-style beach restaurant, a brick pizza oven, and a sports bar area for families and friends to enjoy. 

El Coquito, which means "little coconut", is happy to provide a place for its customers to have fun, eat delicious food and come back again and again. Thank you for being part of the constantly evolving dream of the man who came to Zancudo and found his happy second life.

El Coquito at Playa Zancudo

Below is a small collection of friends, family and clients of El Coquito having enjoying themselves

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