Jim Habig


 Jim was born and raised in San Clemente, California‚Ķthe ultimate surf town; home to Trestles and San Onofre. He has travelled the world surfing, diving and fishing. Being an avid waterman, Jim always wanted one place he could see the best surf properties in the world; to dream and plan.

Jim graduated from San Clemente High School and went off to the University of California at Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in oceanography, but caught the marketing bug and went on to become a video cameraman, editor and producer. Jim worked with the Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and Real Stories of the Highway Patrol to name a few. Jim helped create Baja Life Magazine where he was introduced to the PowerSki Jetboard.

It was love at first sight to see a motorized surfboard that did 35 miles per hour. Jim worked as the Director of Sales & Marketing, board member and travelled the world for over a decade promoting this amazing invention. Setting up international distributors for the company allowed Jim to travel and surf in South America, Asia, Central America, Europe and the South Pacific.

Jim comes from a real estate development family and has held his California Real Estate license for over 15 years. He is happy to have helped many clients in the surf industry, including Matt Archbold and Marty Hoffman, find their perfect surf property. The dream of International Surf Properties is in full swing.

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