Jack Jacobs is a multigenerational California native and former LA County ocean lifeguard. Currently, he is a Delivery and Charter Boat Captain who collaborates with clients to curate personalized surfing, sailing, and cultural exploration experiences. Jack is also a skilled builder, gardener, and fabricator, with a passion for crafting and creating. His hands-on approach is evident in all his endeavors, whether he is on the water or engaging with people globally. 

This diverse skill set uniquely positions Jack to provide exceptional service and meaningful experiences to clients around the world, blending his love for the ocean with his expertise in construction and design. Jack has developed an extensive knowledge of surfing and the surf lifestyle through his frequent surf trips to the South Pacific, Carribbean, Mexico, and Central America. These experiences have allowed him to immerse himself in diverse surf cultures, refine his surfing skills, and understand the nuances of different surf environments. His deep appreciation for the natural beauty and ecological significance of these locations has also heightened his commitment to environmental sustainability.

Jack’s passion for surfing extends beyond just riding waves; it encompasses a profound respect for the ocean and a dedication to preserving its pristine condition. His love for travel has not only broadened his horizons but has also equipped him with a global perspective on the surf industry. He aims to promote sustainable surf tourism, support local surf communities, and create unforgettable experiences for surfers around the world.¬†This unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm fuels his dedication to contributing to the success of International Surf Properties.

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