Professional Guide, Waterman and Storyteller


Born in Southern California within shooting distance of Victoria Beach in Laguna, Greg watched the changes come to his beach towns thru the years- like seeing the pier go away and the harbor built in Dana Point.

When one spends the majority of their time surfing, fly-fishing, diving and skiing, where you wake up will tell the tale just how much time you will spend on the water or on the hill. After a few years at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he left on yet another of his lengthy travels in search of waves, native textiles, and of course any fish with an impressive address.

After returning to Colorado and opening his first art gallery, Greg realized he was too far from the water to surf, sail, salt water fish or dive. That brought him back to East County, San Diego to set up a private practice as a Navaho textile conservator. This allowed him to settle into a pattern of moving and working between great mountains and beaches including Hawaii, New Mexico, New Zealand, and Cabo San Lucas, where he was co-owner of a marlin fishing fleet, surrounded by uncrowded waves.

Eventually he spent summers headquartered near Yellowstone in Idaho, where he runs multi-day trips around the amazing ecosystem there. This allows Greg  plenty of latitude to traverse between San Clemente, California, Pavones, Costa Rica and any other place duty calls.

Over the years he has been licensed to sell real estate in New Mexico, Idaho, and Hawaii, but this idea of International Surf Properties has captured his attention in utilizing the entire world to find the best water. Greg said “this is easily the most exciting and obviously the most rewarding method to learn about and represent ocean opportunities to folks looking for the coastline that resonates with them”. Greg said it is a bit like catching the fish of a lifetime, over and over.   

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