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Colin McPhillips started surfing at age 5, enjoying the varied and plentiful breaks near the place he called home. The ocean and riding waves were in his blood, and he knew at a young age that surfing was what he was meant to do.

At 18 Colin joined the professional ranks.  Touring kicked off his passion for seeing the world.  He’s been an avid traveler ever since. His greatest accolades came from longboarding, where he enjoyed 18 years on the WSL Longboard Tour.  Colin enjoyed many stellar results on tour, culminating in three World Longboard Championship titles.

With years of professional experience under his belt, Colin’s passion is still surfing.  He lives by all things water.  Today he shortboards, longboards, SUP surfs, and foils. Colin feels fortunate that he’s been able to surf many of the best waves on earth while experiencing the many truly amazing cultures the world has to offer.. He is excited to share this experience while helping friends and clients that perfect surf property.

Colin resides in San Clemente, California with his four children. Today he loves nothing more than hitting the road and getting to show the kids the ins and outs of surf travel in locales he has become familiar with worldwide.  Passionately sharing his love for riding waves and traveling, Colin truly embodies the Salt Life


Colin has both longboard and SUP signature models. He has been featured in countless magazines; The Inertia, Longboard Magazine, Surfer Magazine, to name a few. Colin is sponsored by Salt Life.Mc


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