Dolphin Quest Pavones

Snorkeling, sealife, farm to table feast

The tide pools are phenomenal at low to mid tides. There are a variety of size and depths to the tidepools in this area. Some are perfect checking out the fish and creatures from above while others are deep and wide enough for a mask and snorkel. There is nothing like being immersed in a variety of sea life while cooling off from the mid-day sun.

There are so many things to see and experience here. Colorful fish, beautiful birds and pools for swimming and relaxing.

The Ride, the Dolphins, the Diving

From the moment you leave the beach, it is a visual extravaganza with the beaches of Pavones, Pilon and Playa Zancudo light up in the morning light and then you arrive in the Golfito zone.


Farm To Table Dining

If you value and appreciate fresh, organic food prepared in the tastiest of dishes, you are in for a treat! The crew of Dolphin Quest prepares a feast of the finest organic fruits and vegetables. There is nothing like it!


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