Surfing Pavones


2nd Longest Left in the World

Renowned as one of the most desolate and remote surf destinations in the entire country, Pavones provides surfers with a total surf oriented experience. It’s so challenging to reach this spot and thus Pavones lacks the extreme amounts of surfers from around the world and instead caters to the die-hard barrel hunters.

Pavones encompasses 10 miles of different beaches, which lines the nearly untouched Golfo Dulce area of Costa Rica. The Rio Claro is one of the clearest rivers in Central America, and this dazzling spectacle feeds into the gnarliest left breaking wave in the entire country.

Pavones is considered to be possibly the most ample warm water left in the world, which is why so many people have attempted to reach it, though only a few have actually made the trek. 

Yes, you can get barreled in Pavones if you get the right swell.

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