The Lobster is Delicious... discontinued

…and the trip getting there is half the fun! Sit back and trip back in time along a hand dug canal through the mangroves in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. Your destination, a small island off the coast of Golfito to experience the freshest, tastiest lobster meal this side of Main. The lobster and fish are caught fresh daily. At Lobster Island Adventure a tray is brought to the table and you get to pick your meal. The kitchen staff quickly gets to work creating a feast. There is no electricity on the island. Everything is cooked the way it has been since the begin. A swim or a nap in a hammock is a good way to pass the time and work up an appetite. The rustic, casual setting creates a memorable experience. Wood, family style tables and chairs are sitting in the sand. Cold beers are in a large cooler that you just help yourself to. Getting to Lobster Island is just as amazing as being on the island. A boat captain will pick you up from Meno’s dock in Zancudo. The trip only takes about 30 minutes but it is an adventure all on its own. A trip through the trocha is like stepping back in time. It was hand dug sometime in the 30’s by the Dole Factory to deliver their banana’s to the larger ships waiting in the gulf. Bring your camera, you won’t want to miss a thing. Many varieties of birds and sea animals can seen on trip. It’s a birders dream. Dolphin and whales can also be seen on this trip. So grab a few of your good friends, a bathing suit, camera and waterproof gear to Lobster Island. It’s an experience that you will never forget.

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