Simeulue Surflodges for Sale

  • $190,000/US
Indonesia, Simeulue Surflodges, Matanurung, Simeulue Regency, Aceh, Indonesia
For Sale Beachfront Income Producing View of Waves

Simeulue Surflodges for Sale

Indonesia, Simeulue Surflodges, Matanurung, Simeulue Regency, Aceh, Indonesia
  • $190,000/US


This beautiful property is known as Simeulue Surflodges. It is a successful Indonesian surf retreat situated in a small sheltered bay on the west coast of the island. The resort is close to a small beach, blue water, beautiful reefs and a lot of palm trees.

The Best Surf

The resort is also right in front of the best surf break you will find on Simeulue! 100 meters from your door, Dylans, a powerful, hollow right hander, NON crowded! Surf from dawn till dusk and walk back to the resort within 1 minute! 

Nestled amidst lush greenery, the resort offers a generous layout, exuding a genuine local ambiance, crafted entirely from natural materials and surrounded by abundant vegetation, including a flourishing garden brimming with fresh produce.

Amazing Pool Area

Guests can unwind in the resort’s inviting a natural saltwater pool complemented by a sun-drenched sundeck, a spacious gazebo with epic views, and a tranquil hammock triangle, perfect for unwinding after a day of exhilarating surfing. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere, the owners ensure guests feel embraced by nature’s warmth with the thoughtful use of natural elements throughout the resort.


Warm and Inviting

The Simeulue Surf Lodge exudes a warm, inviting  environment with natural materials throughout the resort. With accommodation for up to 10 guests, the resort offers ample room for groups to reserve the entire property, ensuring each guest receives personalized attention and avoids feeling like just a number. Additionally, there is potential to expand with 2 or 3 more cabanas, allowing for growth without compromising the sense of space and privacy between guests. 

Resort Architecture

The resort’s architecture seamlessly integrates with the lush surroundings, offering an unobstructed views of the turquoise waters and untouched landscapes. Accommodations are designed for both comfort and a sense of connection to nature, providing a peaceful retreat after a day of exhilarating surf. Surrounded by the rich cultural tapestry of Simeulue, 

Adventure Playground

With more than a dozen epic surf breaks around Simeulue Surflodges, surfing on Simeulue Island has never looked so good. Primely positioned next to Dylan’s and quick strike distance to Tea Bags, Alus, Thailands and the Peak (to name a few), you’ll find the waves you’re looking for close to Simeulue Surflodges.


Fruit and Vegetable Garden

The resort is proud to grow their own veggies and fruit in the permaculture organic garden. The garden features a host of organic fruits and vegetables for the guests and staff. 

The Food speaks for itself…



Simeulue is an Indonesian island, about 150 km off the west coast of Sumatra. Its capital city is Sinabang, where also the airport (Laskiin airport) is located. The island is reachable by ferry from the west coast of North Sumatra’s port Sibolga or by plane from Medan to Sinabang. The transport facilities on the island are not really developed, so be patient. The good thing about this is that many spots are still unexplored. The locals are very friendly. The Indian Ocean brings consistent swell year round. A number of good, virgin and uncrowded reef and beach breaks are waiting for you.


Guests Rave About Surflodges


The Seasons

Anytime is a good time to visit Simeulue SurfLodges as there are waves and favorable winds all year round. Due to the doldrums latitude, there are no dominant wind patterns, so conditions are relatively calm most of the year. The Southern Indian Ocean is the most efficient swell machine on the planet. So, you can expect numerous 6-10ft (2-3m) SW swells per month between April and October, as well as consistent 3-6ft (1-2m) swells during low-season. Simeulue receives the same swells as the Mentawai Islands as well as more westerly swells from higher in the Indian Ocean. The biggest swells typically hit the island from June to August. Having said that, every year offers up different weather patterns and clean medium size swells can be enjoyed every month of the year. Given the number of breaks, regardless of the season there is almost always a 3 to 5ft wave option.


The Waves

There are uncrowded waves all along the south and western side of the island and some breaks that are yet to be named or even discovered. Within 5 to 75 minutes from the resort there are at least 10 quality waves. Ranging from super hollow reefs to more mellow beach breaks. We have experienced surf guides who stay actively across the latest forecast and are excited to get guests on the best waves on the day, whatever your level. Every evening the guides will discuss the best options for the next day. After an early morning swell, wind and tide check the call will be made for the group or, you can go explore the island’s waves by yourself. Typically, you can surf one spot in the morning and one or even two spots in the afternoon. We know that everyone has different surfing levels but the beauty of Simeulue is that there are plenty of different wave options to match or push your ability.



Is a fast, hollow, perfect right hand barrel. It’s a high performance wave, which allows you to pull into barrels or carve on down the line. It breaks best in larger swells but produces fun fast waves very consistently for lower intermediate plus surfers. Nextdoor is probably the best break on the island, called Dylans, or Dylans Right or Dylans Point, at only a 100m walk. A powerful right hander with hollow tubes and a long ride.



Is a perfect left and right peak, both with hollow barrel sections and nice steep walls. It picks up any swell and is one of the most consistent waves on the island. It’s a super fun wave, which anyone can surf from beginners through to the very experienced. 

northern rights and lefts simeulue island


These two waves, a right-hand reef break and fun left hand beachie, are almost side by side and are best in similar conditions to the Peak but often far less crowded. 



A left and right point break on opposite sides of the bay with an A frame peak in the middle. The right is an easy, fun ride, which gets hollower up the point and finishes over a sand bottom. The left has long walls and barrels all the way down the line. The A frame offers great waves in both directions depending on the swell.


Is a right-hand reef pass where swells from deep water hit a shallow reef creating a long wave with real power. It picks up a lot of swell and starts breaking from about 4 foot plus. It’s best with a southwest swell, on low tide, with a NW-E wind. A super consistent wave that’s better suited to intermediate to advanced surfers. Booties are also recommended. Also, the nearby Island of Mincau is uninhabited and has one Indonesia`s most unique landscapes with pristine beaches, great snorkeling and spearfishing. 


A super consistent, long left-hand reef break with an easy take off, good walls and plenty of fast sections. Thailands is suited to most surfers and is a set in a beautifully scenic location, which also has a good reef for snorkeling. 


  • City Simeulue
  • State/county Aceh
  • Country Indonesia


Updated on July 11, 2024 at 2:40 pm
  • Property ID: ISP-34426
  • Price: $190,000/US
  • Property Size: 105 m²
  • Land Area: 2500 m²
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Property Type: Surf Resorts & Camps
  • Property Status: For Sale

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