Arena Alta Wildlife Village

Live in a nature | permaculture preserve

Arena Alta Wildlife Village and Reserve offers its residents unparalleled access to wildlife and two bodies of water. With the beach breaks of Zancudo and one of the world’s longest lefts at Pavones, you will have your fill of surf. The lifestyle created here is unprecedented in its full immersion approach to nature and organic healthy living


Architect On Staff

Design Your Jungle Dream Home

We have designs ready to go or customize at will. Construction has begun on three new homes while the community visitor center, boathouse, and tack house are in development.

The Waves

Yes Pavones is one of the longest lefts in the world and highly sought after in this area of Costa Rica, but there are quite a few other noteworthy surf spots. We can’t name them for respect for the locals, but trust us when we say there are many different choice surf spots… including the beach break right out your doorstep

The Fishing

Truly world-class! Zancudo where over 70 IGFA Records have been set, is world-renowned for its inshore and offshore sportfishing action. From inshore to offshore to fishing the river banks. For offshore fishing, you can expect to catch marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado and inshore there is roosterfish, snappers, bluefin, trevally, crevalle jack, corvina, amberjack, tripletail, rainbow runner, grouper, sierra mackerel, barracuda, permitand pompano.

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